Dirty Angel Perfume Oil



There has to be one, the one you know is an angel but has to be going through some issues. You just hope they don’t get their wings broken before they come to their senses. This perfume really plays hard with patchouli and dirt accord. It turns out to be amazingly pretty for it. All the stories you hear about various elements if used sparingly becoming beautiful and not just crass is true. Dirty Angel accomplishes this and makes the blend really sing. Two types of patchouli, a ginger backup, the classic dirt accord, a small small drop of vetiver, and a waft of galangal. It ends up not smelling like dirt but like a light and heavenly blend with a nod to the floral (but it is not floral nor does it have any floral ingredients in it). This combination just worked out this way. I love it. It’s innocently sexy but knows how to behave in bed, it’s light enough to wear to work but long lasting and surrounds you with a vibe which I have to call “happy anxty”. I am very pleased with this.

The image is by Leonardo and it is said to be the head of an angel. I chose it because all that chalk makes it look dirty…just the look I was wanting.

Spicy, resinous.

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