Danse Chinoise (Tea) Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky) Perfume Oil


Pekoe tea, green tea, incense, and lime leaf. Incredibly soothing, with the tea marrying perfectly with the scent of unburned incense. The lime leaf adds a small and subtle green note.

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  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: This was one of the Yules I was reeeally excited about. I love tea scents, and this one sounds lovely for spring (I’m a bit puzzled as to why it’s a Yule, since it sounds pretty fresh and green, but who am I to question someone else’s creative process).

    DH’s preliminary notes: A meditation session outside of a Buddhist temple.

    In bottle: Oh, this is heavenly. Dry tea leaves and a touch of incense and lime. It does smell a bit meditative, so DH’s prelim notes were pretty accurate. Very excited to skin test this one.

    DH’s thoughts: It’s sweet, like candy. It kind of reminds me of an overly sweetened pink lemonade. Extremely sweet.

    On skin: This is such a perfect dry tea scent. The lime leaf adds a gentle citrus lilt to it, and the incense is soft and unburnt, so not smoky at all. There’s something veeery slightly camphorous peeking out from the background, but it never goes full-on camphor. I adore this so much.

    DH’s thoughts: Maybe like, some old sweet wood?

    Verdict: 5 loose-leaf teas in opulent tins out of 5. This is a stunner and has earned a place in the league of my favorite tea scents. Possets does tea scents exceptionally well.

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