Damned Souls Perfume Oil


What is better than staying home with an unlimited supply of hot buttered rum and a huge bag of marshmallows and an easy way to toast them? I think this is decadence at its best! Of course, to a health nut...you are a damned soul. Bwah-ha-ha-haaaa!


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  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: This one was kind of a last minute cart addition compared to the rest. I’ve loved hot buttered rum in other scents I’ve tried it in, and while I’m not keen on eating marshmallows, they’d probably add a nice soft sweetness here.

    In bottle: This smells almost cookie-like. There’s a distinct baked good smell coming from somewhere in here. Maybe the marshmallows are toasted?

    On skin: Yeah, I’m putting all of my eggs in the toasted marshmallow basket, because this smells very baked, if that makes sense. It almost smells like caramel corn, which I’m also a fan of. This is mouthwatering.

    Verdict: 5 popcorn balls out of 5.

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