Damned If You Don’t Perfume Oil


The opposite of Damned If You Do, dry and austere, very grown up and the sort of thing you would wear with a black silk moire dress. No sweetness whatsoever. Cannabis and sandalwood vie for your attention while a grey musk plays in the background and a good dose of galbanum gives a green and glorious glow to it all. Very refreshing, almost unisex but very sexy indeed. You don't want to eat this one, but you do want to make love in it.

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  1. Melissa

    On my skin, this is a dark green mysterious fabric like scent if that makes sense. I can see this being unisex yet on me it goes to a resinous (not a floral) perfume so to speak. This is awesome in the diffuser and I love to mix this with The Scent of Night which is another fabulous Fall perfume oil. And the cannabis doesn’t smack you in the face. It’s more of an accompanying note to heighten the entire blend. There’s no need to worry about others giving you the side-eye because you smell like a bag of pot:)

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