Chagrin (Absinthe) Perfume Oil



Never was the green fairy so appetizing as when she flits about in all her Veridian glory backed up by a hard dark and sweet liquor, and a jolt of rare sweet black musk. This is a strong Absinthe, and it should keep its licorice character long after you are exhausted and have fallen into bed.

The painting is The Glass of Absinthe by Edgar Degas. That couple does not look happy. Maybe they will cheer up after a few absinthes. At least their breaths will smell nice.

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1 review for Chagrin (Absinthe) Perfume Oil

  1. Melissa (verified owner)

    Oh I absolutely love this one! On my skin, it’s soft black licorice and absinthe with a lovely shot of the most delectable black musk that somehow elevates all of the other notes and keeps it going. I was worried that this would be too medicinal but that’s not the case at all. I personally find licorice and absinthe type scents to be very calming and help when I have an upset stomach. This one is a seasonal favorite of mine.

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