Casseopeia Perfume Oil


The beautiful queen of Aethopia who bragged that she was more lovely than the sea nymphs and was punished for that remark by Poseidon by being hurled into the heavens on her throne and made to whirl around the North Pole for eternity, having to hang on to her throne and her crown for half of the year as she was ingloriously turned upside down! Well, at least she was beautiful. Her constellation looks like a W or an M in the sky and is hard to miss. African Musk, Egyptian Musk, and Red Musk start off. Black cumin and spikenard insinuate themselves into the mix. This is a potent concoction, like the queen herself. It's quite the egotistical animalic fragrance that calls attention to self (but in the prettiest and most vampy way). Cassiopeia isn't shy.

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