Cambienne: Persephone’s Footfall Perfume Oil


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Cambienne: Persephone's Footfall THIS CAMBIENNE IS SOLD OUT!

Building on this year's first Cambienne, Long Winter Night we introduce Persephone's Footfall.

The poet Sappho referred to Persephone in a fragment: "...I heard the footfall of the flower spring..."

On top of Long Winter Night's Clary Sage Blossom infusion, Ambergris, and Haitian Vetiver, Persephone's Footfall brings the thawing of rich soil and the intoxicating blooms of Hyacinth and Narcissus. The first raindrops and the first spring flowers have a heady effect on the senses. This is the fragrance of Persephone's Footfall, a perfume that beckons to your soul in the early morning light of Spring.

All Cambiennes are only sold in 6 ml bottles. Unfortunately, there are no sample sizes of Cambienne.


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