Cambienne Perfume Oil: Waning Summer


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Cambienne: Waning Summer

As Summer draws closer to its end for 2020, we release Cambienne: Waning Summer by taking Cambienne: Tiger Queen and adding sweet Honeysuckle to remind us of the early days of the season, an Ambergris accord to remind us of the ocean we didn't visit and an infusion of Clary Sage leaves made by us. The Clary Sage infusion is surprisingly melon-like in a subtle way, thus reminding us of the delight of a fresh melon in only the way a summer melon can smell.

Bits of Tiger Queen and Boudicca still poke through in this decidedly delicate and delicious new Cambienne.

Cambienne: Waning Summer adds an Ambergris accord, Honeysuckle, and a Clary Sage infusion to the Bulgarian Lavender, French Lavender, and Dark Amber of Cambienne: Tiger Queen and the Leather, Smoke, Incense, and Sweet Patchouli ingredients of Boudicca.

Cambienne is only sold in 6 ml bottles. Unfortunately, there are no sample sizes of Cambienne.


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