Cambienne Perfume Oil: Tiger Queen


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Cambienne: Tiger Queen

Tiger Queen possesses the traits of Serenity and Strength, unlike the Tiger King.

Two Lavenders bring serenity to the strength of Boudicca.

Cambienne: Tiger Queen adds Bulgarian Lavender, French Lavender, and a Dark Amber to the Leather, Smoke, Incense, and Sweet Patchouli ingredients of Boudicca.

Cambienne is only sold in 6 ml bottles. Unfortunately, there are no sample sizes of Cambienne.


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  1. From Amy C.

    From a Facebook comment: “Omg. Mine arrived today and smells amazing. The lavender is prominent in the beginning and it finishes as a lush combo of all of the notes, leather is peeking out above them just slightly. Serenity and strength indeed. Gorgeous. Thank you 💜”

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