Cambienne Perfume Oil: Boudicca


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The first Cambienne of 2020 is dedicated to a long-time member of the Possets' community, Joani Van Demark, who passed away on November 8, 2019. Joani was a frequent participant in the forums where she adopted the moniker 'Boudicca'. Joani was strong and adventurous like Boudicca. She was one of a kind.

This starting point for 2020's Cambiennes is a heavy, wintery base blend composed of sweet patchouli, smoke, incense, leather, and a special, delicious ingredient that those who knew Joani's scent preferences might guess.

So here's to Joani and Boudicca!


Cambienne is only sold in 6 ml bottles. There are no sample sizes of Cambienne.


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