Buttermilk Pie Perfume Oil


With no redeeming characteristics whatsoever besides the fact that it is heaven on a plate, Buttermilk Pie is just divinely delicious buttermilk, butter, sugar, and the most perfect pie crust which has ever been made. Simple, delicate, and scrumptious. If you are from the South, you will know how good this is. If you aren't familiar with Buttermilk Pie, try this...you won't forget it.

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  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: I don’t have much to say about this one beyond, “It sounds tasty.”

    In bottle: This is quite faint in the bottle and smells pretty powdery, which I wasn’t expecting.

    On skin: The weird powderiness goes away once it hits the skin, fortunately. This is a fairly straightforward buttermilk dessert scent, and it’s lovely. It’s very soft and veers on the edge of being a skin scent. This makes a really lovely sleep scent and is quite comforting.

    Verdict: 4 soft buttermilk pies out of 5.

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