Bloomers Perfume Oil



In 1851, Amelia Bloomer invented the loose flowing pantaloons which became all the rage for adventurous ladies. Bloomers would insure the modesty of women who wanted to pursue such tantalizing activities as riding bicycles! Of course, this article of clothing scandalized the world and made all think of Americans as savages, but it started a new phase of women’s liberation. I take the idea of bloomers and put it in the middle of Dark Matter, they appear on a shopping trip that Isabella takes to Gidding Jenny, much to the horror of Ma-Ma who considers them DREADFUL! Of course, I am making a bit of a pun out of the idea of good smelling Bloomers and done in a classic Victorian manner. Roses, jasmine and neroli are in accord with effervescent modern pink musk. This is indeed a floral BUT it’s a very modern floral and one which Amelia would like, too, I think! One small drop of violet gives it character.

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