Black Sheep Perfume Oil



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"In honor of my family's very own ad man of the 1950's, cousin Don Hopkins who was vice president for Chrysler Corporation in New York City (according to family lore). He was brilliant, creative and in charge of all their advertising. He was fond of martini's and smoking and went to lunch with a vendor who got busy buttering him up on the expense account on a Friday and suggested that cousin Don go into his boss' office as soon as he got back, point out the boss' considerable faults in great detail, and tell said boss that he, Don, should have that job. Don thought that sounded like a capital idea (he was quite drunk by this time) and proceeded to do just as suggested. Alas, the result was not that Don assumed his boss' job but that Don had to answer the question his boss put to him at the end of his tirade,"Well, Don, where are you going to be working on Monday?" Don landed on his feet. He worked to his dying day in New York City and never was at a loss for friends. I remember meeting him and I went to a party he gave for his creative friends and this fragrance attempts to capture that experience. I have never been in the company of such brilliance, imagination, and hard-edge fun. A very unusual concoction which can only be described as a "zesty animalic", cognac combines with an unctuous aldehyde, the whole thing ignites in a light haze of lightest menthol, a rasp of lemon and orange peel, and a wallop of blue musk. The sort of thing you wake up from with a banging headache but you know you REALLY flew right up to the sun."

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