Billet-Doux Perfume Oil


This is a love note, a "Sweet Note" in French. The scent of paper with a bit of perfume still lingering in it, a slight zest of the ink while it is still wet, a great deal of melting musk to say that your lover is the "other" part of your heart. This is a light but tenacious fragrance, bright but musk imbued.

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  1. Sarah M.

    First impression: YEP that’s ink! It smelled like a pen exploded.

    After resting: This is definitely more powdery than I anticipated! It might just be how my nose is interpreting the perfumed paper and “melting musk” but it’s giving me strong vibes of Love’s Baby Soft, which was, of course, my first perfume. It does still have a little bit of that tang from the ink. This definitely has a big nostalgia factor for me and I’ll use up my little decant, but won’t purchase more – it’s just not really me. 6/10

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