Berenice was a very, very naughty girl. She is also mentioned in the Bible (but they don't go into detail). She was the sister of Agrippa II, ruler of Judaea, and was married to a distinguished man at an early age, and he died quite soon afterward. She was then married to her uncle and had a couple of children with him, then moved in with her brother and started a relationship with him. She left him for a minor king of the area and then deserted him to return to her brother. Finally, she met the future emperor of Rome, Titus. It was love at first sight for both of them, even though she was eleven years his senior. They lived in Rome, and she acted in every way as his wife, yet the senate and people of Rome hated her, and she was banished from the Eternal City, never to return.

Champagne musk, pink grapefruit, a dash of lemon zest, a veil of dragons' blood: a portrait in the perfume of this little vamp.

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