Beauvais Perfume Oil


There was a mania during the Medieval Times to build churches that were ever higher and thinner than any before. There had to be large lacy stained glass windows to let in colored light for the worshiper to feel closer to heaven. There was a limit to the engineering possibilities at this time, and the populace found out where they were when the half-built cathedral of Beauvais collapsed....twice! It was too tall, too thin, too full of windows to support itself. The remnant still stands in the city of Beauvais in France and it is well worth seeing.

A scent of wet stone in the background, the field where it was built, and a mournful feel of what happened there. A light dusting of ambient air and a bit of the sweet flag which was strewn about the floor of the old buildings. A beautiful and a bit sad fragrance, stately with a bit of the androgynous about it.

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