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Every astronaut who visited the Moon was awed by the view of the Earth. Unlike Armstrong's first words, Buzz Aldrin's first words are not well known. As he stepped onto the surface Aldrin said: "Beautiful view, magnificent desolation."

Beautiful View is an aquatic fragrance designed to express what is naturally beautiful to our planet. A combination of cedar, pine, oakmoss, sea salt, ambergris accord, lavender, and grapefruit results in a seductive fragrance that captures the beauty of nature: oceans, forests, flowers, and fruit.

Cedar, pine, oakmoss, sea salt, ambergris accord, lavender, and grapefruit.

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  1. From The Redolent Mermaid

    From blogger The Redolent Mermaid: “The ambergris accord is lovely and makes the final wear a breathtaking snuggly scent, round and warm and furred. I love that this scent really does travel from watery echoes to sharp botanicals then trails into airy woods and finally the sweet darkness of human embrace.”

    You can see the entire post here: The Redolent Mermaid

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