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So many good things go into this foody favorite that it is almost painful to list it. A gingerbread-like base filled with molasses and raisins soaked in rum, then a great tumble of chestnuts and a good dollop of maraschino cherry and almond extract, finally a thick crusting of brown sugar, another shot of rum and citron.

Barmbrack is a rich cake which is traditional for the Irish Halloween times. It contains surprises which foretell the next year’s fortunes of those who eat it. Get a bit of cloth? That means you will be poor and wear rags next year. A coin will bring wealth, a button will mean a man will have to launder his own socks for the next while and a thimble for a lady means she will continue being a spinster for now. A ring, on the other hand for anyone, means you will find a mate soon.

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