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Barbara Villiers-Perhaps the all time favorite mistress of Charles II, she was no gutter snipe but born into a noble family which lost it all after the execution of Charles I. As they backed Charles II and his Restoration of the monarchy and were thrilled when then-married Barbara took up with His Majesty.

She was beautiful with a thick shock of brown hair and violet blue eyes. She was a very fashionable lady and well loved by the king. She had five children by him and he, ever the gent, legitimized all of them and gave them vast fortunes and titles, as he did their mother who ended up as the Duchess of Cleveland in her own right!

Of course, she feuded with the poor plain queen, Catherine of Braganza, but Barbara’s fierce temper always overcame any objection. On the other hand, she could be the kindest person in the room. In short, she was larger than life and very dramatic just like your friends on Facebook.

It might shock you to know that royal mistresses also took lovers and the king knew all about them. Barbara took up with others but always knew that keeping things dignified was what you did.

Barbara was the king’s lover for 25 years until the day that it was made illegal for Catholics to hold office in England. As she was the Lady of the Bedchamber she had to step down and was asked by the king to retreat from London and live quietly. Maybe her beauty had run its course, maybe she had made the king tired of her, maybe her many enemies had whispered the right thing into the king’s ear but by this time it was done.

Barbara managed to stay away for several year but finally wormed her way back into the king’s good graces. Upon the death of Charles she married one last time but it was an unhappy union.

For some reason, I kept on thinking of Egyptian Red Musk for Barbara; perhaps that’s because I find it very sexy and agreeable and a perfect foil and bed for the rest of the ingredients to lie upon. I put in a dusting of darkest and somewhat bitter chocolate, a nice smooth amber, a tiny bit of orange zest, and a light light infusion of mint.

Resinous, fruity, refreshing. 

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