Augusta, Sister of Lord Byron 100% Natural


Lord Byron's passion for his sister was a very badly kept secret among the aristocrats. He pursued her at every turn, and though notoriously fickle to the women in his life, he returned over and over to her, and she let him. Augusta was actually a pretty even-tempered, if not dull, woman. She had not met Byron until they were both quite grown up. She was his half-sister. She wrote to him in a lot of sympathy regarding his fights with his mother, which impressed him, and never took his foul moods seriously as most of his other women had.

Augusta married a man who was a notorious sporty rake named Leigh. Of course, this union was a complete disaster, and of course, it was very fruitful indeed (kiss and make up). Augusta had seven children in all, BUT one of them is very seriously thought of as the child of Byron, and her name was Medora.

In the movie Gothic, Byron is portrayed as hopelessly in love with Augusta even after her death. He has his lovers wear a mask of her face as he has his way with them. Was this true? Doubtful, but it is a fascinating tidbit.

100% Natural Australian sandalwood, pink peppercorn, and jasmine sambac. This is a floral and spicy mixture with a woody undertone.

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