Atropos’ Slip Perfume Oil


That oftentimes the soul descendeth here Sooner than Atropos in motion sets it. And, that thou mayest more willingly remove From off my countenance these glassy tears,

Here are those who betrayed their guests for a variety of reasons: personal, familial, patriotic, or on a bent whim. This was considered such a huge moral crime that sometimes the souls of the sinners would hurl into hell before Atropos had time to cut the thread of their life...before they were even dead! A varieties of guile had to be employed to effect the end result and here is a great opportunity for Possets to show its justifiably famous way with the foody fragrances. A truly special treat of delicious yellow candies dripping in butter, like home-made candy corn, combined with a cookie treat the likes of which you have only tasted once...more candy than cookie. The idea here is toasted and enhanced sweets. Classic Possets and set to beguile.


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