Aspasia, Mistress of Pericles


Aspasia had been a hetaera or high-toned courtesan. She was well-educated, talented, and personable. She captured the heart of the most well-known Greek leader, Pericles. Honestly, not a lot was known about her. After all, she lived long ago. She was a great conversationalist, and her arguments on various philosophical subjects were so sage that Plato remarked on how well-constructed they were. She had a son with Pericles, was accused of leading the citizens of Athens astray (Pericles heartily defended her), and lived to see Pericles die of plague in 429 B.C.E.. and have another lover and child.

Aspasia Perfume Oil starts with the beautiful scent of osmanthus (the sweet olive), which is at once pretty and slightly animalic in this context, followed up with ambergris (it's a simulation, don't worry), and rounded out with a very dry and beautiful amber. This perfume might be what an ancient Greek, such as Aspasia, would love to smell like.

Floral, aquatic, musky.

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  1. Wendy

    Heavy, powdery, bitter, soft. Develops into a sweet, intense, dusty amber floral with just a touch of salt. It’s… old, and out of step with time. It is a scent you may imagine wafting from a yellowing vintage photograph of a woman dressed in the sort of long gown that has been out of fashion for a century. Beautiful, and increasingly beautiful after an hour or so – a velvety softness. A touch warm, a touch dry, a touch bitter, and very perfumey. Dirty undertones, giving it a good vintage vibe.

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