Asmodeous (the demon who kills bridegrooms) Perfume Oil


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Deepest pumpkin, brightest suave French lavender, and a thrill of cardamom, light skin musk to hold it all together and keep it going for hours. The sweet and the suave aromatic. This perfume is bound to be a real crowdpleaser.

Seductive and dangerous, Asmodeous was a demon who killed SEVEN of the bridegrooms of the lovely Sara in the olden days of the Bible. She was put under great suspicion, even thought to have strangled the men herself which it was the dreadful devil Asmodeous hiding under her bed to leap out with murderous intent. The Bible does not say if this was from jealousy and possessiveness or just plain old blood lust. Asmodeous was vanquished by the brave and favored Tobias who wed and kept the Sara and they lived happily ever after and Asmodeous fled to Egypt and stayed there. And, Tobias and Sara were fabulously happy together for ever.


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