Anger Perfume Oil


"We to the foot of that high tower had come, Our eyes went upward to the summit of it, By reason of two flamelets we saw placed there, And from afar another answer them, So far, that hardly could the eye attain it."

This is the land of the wrathful, those whose emotions burned every day and whose fury never slept. Anger, at least, is dramatic and exhilarating and though it is a challenge to make a perfume as a portrait of an emotion so strong, this one came out not only apt but appealing! This one is the active side of woman, the drive which pushes her to succeed even in the face of great obstacles. More Athena than Earth Mother by far. A formidable foe and an unforgettable bed partner. This is almost a black walnut-like fragrance that contains the essence of black cumin seed (a great healing and yet exciting herb), astringent sandalwood and smoky vetiver. Dark and very exciting.


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