Angelic Host (5th)-Virtues Perfume Oil


Virtues are the force of making things happen. They are placed under the dominions to carry out the plans authority makes for mankind. A dashing fragrance with a decided masculine side to it, but perfectly at home on a lady who knows her mind and will not be cowed. A special chypre containing a very light oakmoss (blond oakmoss), is blended with frankincense and a very faint clove hint, small zest of lemon to keep it from being too heavy. Ethereal and stately.

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1 review for Angelic Host (5th)-Virtues Perfume Oil

  1. Wendy

    Cool and woody with a warm core – distinctly an oriental chypre. Grows increasingly sweet over the next hour or two, but in a light, floating way – like the soft glow of clouds at dawn. Pale and golden and a little powdery. The drydown easily lasts a day – a warm, creamy, enveloping scent. Blooms readily in sunshine into a vast, sweetly woody and dry dust. Very Possety.

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