Air Conditioning (Summer 2009) Perfume Oil


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I thought it would be amusing to make a 100% natural perfume which was named after a 100% artificial process. Air Conditioning has been constructed out of the most pure and cooling essential oils to make you feel as light and calm as possible on the muggiest and ugliest of summer days, while still keeping your fine sense of irony in tact. Grapefruit, mint and lavender are set together to make a really beautiful and chilly scent to wear on your skin or in a scent locket. I have performed a bit of modern magic on this one (all natural) and I believe that it will stick around as well as give you immediate relief. This is a actually a cutting edge blend, nothing headshop uber-herbal or generic about it. So, turn on your A/C and be uplifted while being green at the same time. Natural.

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