Agnes Sorel Perfume Oil


The most notorious lover of the Middle Ages, Agnes Sorel was the mistress of Charles VII (the king put on the throne of France by Jean d'Arc). She had three daughters with him and was the love of his life. She went to join him as he was to engage in battle while pregnant with their fourth child but died before she could reach him. It was determined that she was poisoned with mercury. She was 28 and had a few enemies at court due to her sway over the king. She was known as the Queen of Beauty and one of the leading figures of admiration and courtly love during Medieval times. The name Agnes was thought to be very alluring until just this century! Agnes revels in the sweetness of toasted sugar and a deep drought of clotted cream which conceals a well of brandy and a tiny amount of 'nard. This is an unusually lovely creation with sweet, suave, and sophisticated elements that go way beyond the average fragrance. Very sweet but very clean and very clever.

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