HalloweenWell, the after-Retour time is upon me and I have had to do some very large amounts of cleaning. First there was a tidal wave of glassware I had to clean because there was a lot of Possets ordered and I had to remake the blends. There is one good thing about washing dishes at Possets, the wash water really smells good.

Then there was cleaning all the surfaces after everything was put away. Working with oil is always full of after-oil, it just finds its way onto all surfaces.

Then I had to redo many labels, try to be ready for the next retour.

Reorder ingredients. Alas, again there are a few which have been discontinued. The victims of the Recession or maybe it’s fashion changing things. I don’t know but I think I am going to re-formulate BBC at least…I love that fragrance and I think I can even do it better the second time around. Halloween will probably be getting a make over as well, and I think that I can make that one even better, too. We shall see. Should I call it “Halloween 2”? Naw, that has already been done.

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