Perfume is any mixture of oils and aromatic compounds that give a special, pleasant scent to the wearer. This concoction can be delivered in many ways, be it a diffusing spray or a stick of rich incense. At Possets, we have always bottled our perfumes in liquid form, adding our recipes to high-quality liquid carriers. We love the liquid form of perfume oils, their beautiful colors, the many different ways to apply it. Still, we want to bring something new to the table, something dense, rich, and portable—the solid perfume.

As with other types of perfumes, Egyptians led the way with solid perfume many years ago. They would use unguents (ointment-like spreads used to relieve topical pain) for their scent alone. These semi-solid perfumes were often made by diffusing plants via soaking in animal fat (enfleurage) or combining solid carriers like beeswax with essential oils.

We begin the Possets solid perfume journey with three of our favorite Possets scents: Madame X, Ode to Aphrodite, and Water Witch. Our new line of solid perfumes is made with a smooth jojoba oil and beeswax carrier, plus our signature scents. This formula really brings out the creamy musk of Madame X, the earthiness of Ode to Aphrodite, and the sweetness of Water Witch.

So, why go solid? There are plenty of reasons. For one thing, solid perfumes are ideal for most travel conditions. Wave goodbye to the awkward act of pouring your favorite liquids into smaller, travel-sized bottles. As long as temperatures don’t get too hot—like, uncomfortably hot—solid perfumes will remain as they are, solid, granting them permission on any flight. And, their solid state means there is no risk of them leaking and you wasting your favorite scents at the bottom of your bag.

In fact, you should definitely keep your solid perfumes in your bag, backpack, or even your pocket. That’s sort of what they’re there for, to be portable and accessible at all times. Solid perfumes are created with a strong concentration of oils, so they are long lasting, and having them with you in a neat, sleek container lets you adjust the strength of your scent whenever you’d like.

There are a few reliable methods of applying a solid perfume. The process is simple. Open your perfume and rub your fingers across the top, as you would with lip balm, until the solids warm up and become oil. Then, apply the solid perfume to your pulse points. Get the inner wrists, the inner elbows, and behind the ears. Unlike with liquid perfume, you want to rub the solid perfume into the skin.

Another option is to apply solid perfume to hair. After getting some perfume on your fingers, run them through your hair. Men can do the same with their beard for a nice, staying effect. You could also get your scent the way the Egyptians used to do it, by sticking a chunk of solid perfume under your wig or hat and letting it melt onto your head and into your hair.

The application is up to you, and the results should be long lasting. Since solid perfumes have a higher concentration, you’ll notice that they are more discreet, emitting a stronger smell closer to your skin rather than a more elusive smell in the air around you. They’re a great way to wear your favorite scent, or to enhance the use of liquid oils. We hope you enjoy our first go at solid perfumes, and welcome your feedback as you get to know the solid versions of your favorite Possets scents!

by Katrina Eresman

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