I am working on getting out the Possets Halloween blends next Friday. The Summer Collection of Tea and Yoga will come down on next Thursday to make way for the new stuff. Summer was kept up this past Friday by request but it is going to have to come down sometime. Five blends became permanent because there were two ties in the end of season voting. That was nice. Black Tea, Linden Tea, Vanilla Tea, Black Tea, Meyer Lemon and Cream. The Poppets Lady will be getting these for sample vials and I will let you know when she gets them done, until then I won’t have samples of them.

I will try to get the Halloweens up asap but not before I think they are ready to go. I really love to have them just so. Quite exciting. If you want to be the first to know when they arrive, sign up for the newsletter! Just drop me a note (info@possets.com) and say to put you on. More later

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