I have been asked how to get Possets’ Blog on RSS feed. Simple. There is a little box in the upper right hand corner of this page and says “Posts” and has a little ray-like icon next to it. Click that and you will will get a pop up box which says “Subscribe With Live Bookmark” and offers to name the bookmark “The Possets Blog”. It offers to save it in the folder “Bookmarks Toolbar” and I save it there. I have my bookmarks toolbar live all the time and you will see Possets Blog on your toolbar. When you click it you will get a list of the last 5 blogs I have put out, and a couple of other options. Very handy. I have an RSS feed on every site that offers them which deals with subjects I am interested in. Very handy. I can see at a glace if a new blog has been posted and go right to it. Of course, it’s free.


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