There is one thing over all which I think is the most important part of losing weight. That is persistence. It is so easy to get discouraged about not losing what you want, having to give up what you like, and cutting back your portions but time is what is going to work for you and it’s not all going to come off over night.

I found that distracting myself is a great strategy. Join a new forum on line dealing with things about which you are interested. Make up lists of things you have to do but keep on forgetting to do. I like to get into the LoseIt forum (LoseIt is the app/website where you can log in your calories out and in and keep track of your weight loss with buddies) and talk about “diet fatigue”. It helps to talk about it.

I found that I got rid of about 1.5 lb per week with the 2 lb goal I had but the extras I allowed myself. Still, that is going pretty fast. Alas, if you have a lot of weight to take off, you are going to have to prepare yourself for a long event. Happy to say that most of the excess weight will come of pretty quickly in the beginning, but it will slow down as you lose. At the end, people do complain about how hard it is to lose the last 5. That is not an illusion, especially when you consider that the amount of calories you need to maintain and lose goes down the thinner you are. It just takes less calories to move around so you have to work harder at it.

In any event, good luck with losing that winter insulation. It will come off if you keep going and don’t give up.

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