Birdbath in the Snow.

The Finch's Retreat in My Backyard.

I am shipping this morning, and heading down to the Pendleton to do the beginning of the last of the studio packing up down there. I had to leave a lot of things out of the packing because I wanted to be able to make more of any blends I run out of. However, at this point I have to pack up and get out. Moving day is Monday. Everyone is running about pulling their hair yelling “Snow!!!!” “Snowwwww!” Either I will be moving on Monday or I won’t be. In any case I will be ready for it.

The picture is my Finch Retreat in my backyard. As many of you, I have a pretty good layer of snow in the backyard as you can see in the birdbath. Far from summery but very pretty. My finches are glad for the extra seed. I think that my neck of the woods will have a lot of finches flitting about next year, that the other birds don’t have the finches competing for their food too so there will be more birds overall. BTW, finches ADORE zinnias. They eat something which forms on the bottoms of the petals. It’s not really a seed but they get in my zinnias and happily pull them apart at the end of July.

But, onward to the move!

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