Things are looking busy in the Possetorium. There are bags and boxes and bubble wrap all over. My glamorous assistant is going to be helping me on and off in the next few days. Who am I kidding? I have a lot of very good help from a lot of people, so please don’t think I am doing all this all alone. Thanks to the helpers and full speed ahead.

I do have a shipping backlog. I am working on it as fast as I possibly can and I am getting a power of goodies out quickly. I just wish I didn’t have a bunch of problems crop up but I guess that is to be expected. Yesterday, PayPal decided to charge me 4x per shipping label for a huge slug of labels I got out of the computer. That meant I had to go in and void each extra one by hand, and that meant that I had to void 3 labels per shipment! That was a lot of time lost. But, I did get it done and I am back on track now.

The Hypnotic Draught is back in stock now. I am so relieved. Got the ingredients just fine and it’s made up and aging as I get closer to the current orders. It will be perfect by the time I get to Yhe Hypnotic Draught orders.

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