Since we have a wealth of owls on our site this Halloween, I decided to go looking for good owl related charities in my area. I didn’t expect to find anything BUT I found an amazing organization called RAPTOR Inc. They rehabilitate injured raptors of all kinds: owls, hawks, falcons, vultures (yes, vultures are considered in the raptor family), eagles, and osprey. They even took care of a peregrine falcon who had fallen way out of its nest and was walking down the street in Cincinnati this past year! He turned out to be just fine (amazing as he fell stories). He was kept by RAPTORS Inc and turned back into the wild when he was strong enough and old enough to survive.

RAPTOR Inc is located just outside Cincinnati and if you are passionate about owls and their kin, consider sponsoring one for yourself. We are sponsoring three: Great Horned Owl, Screech Owl, and the Barred Owl. Look at the video and then take a look at Possets Perfume. See for yourself.

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