Spring is so very here and I am waiting for the seeds I ordered for the flowerbeds. This summer I am going to have a riot of color with zinnias. Zinnias are wonderful old fashioned flowers which are easy to grow from seed and goldfinches love them! The yellow finches are a treat to see on the brightly colored blossoms, too. The seedheads offer food for the birds for months after the summer has fled, too! And shelter for the small mammals all winter long, if you keep the dead flowers just the way they drooped until springtime.

I ordered Will Rogers Zinnias as the backbone of my display. They are the most intense and glorious red, and I am not totally a red fan BUT I am making an exception for these. Paired with white white zinnias, and one of my favorite secret colors, green. Well, maybe I am in love with the Italian flag! It looks great. They are just beautiful together!

Seed packets are far less expensive than buying the plants, and they give you a huge feeling of accomplishment when they start growing. Once zinnias get started, they mature and bloom rapidly. They do have a small and subtle scent, too. I call it a pollen scent, it just telegraphs “summer” when you smell it. Combined with either the fragrance of basil or tomatoes and it melts your heart.

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