Three steps backward. I am home and the person who was going to help me out has a sick child and can’t make it. I was all set to start shipping when I found out: 1) I had received an order of plants a week ago and they were waiting for me to pick them up at the central post office, 2) my e-mail system went down on my phone and I had to get that fixed, 3) my husband called and a dear old friend is in town for a couple of hours and wants to have lunch with us, 4) I found a few type-o’s on my website and had to clean them up, 5) the Poppets lady arrived with a pile of Poppets and I had to tell the world about which ones I have now, 6) one of my vendors decided to go ahead and make Possets body butters and scrubs and that was a surprise so I have to now tell the world because I do want everyone to know and, and, and…more stuff which has to be done right away. I am shipping! I am! 🙂

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