Today looks like another day in the mid 40’s with a drippy sky and little sunshine. Mind you, I am not the sort of person who insists on perpetual beatings of sun and nary a drop of liquid. I think we all need a rest from the relentlessness of the hard grinning of hard light but I do like to get a ray of brightness now and again.

It’s Easter Week which simply means that spring is gathering strength after a long season of denial, and there can be some treats to look forward to. I like the stories of the earth coming back and becoming young again and fresh, I think we all do. The goldfinch males are turning gold again after their winter brown coats. Mourning doves are plopping into my birdbath for a drink, and the sparrows have decided to use that big boxwood bush in my garden for a trysting spot again. More about that later, it’s really funny.

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