For decades people have been telling me that there are such things as “self sharpening eye pencils”. Well, pish posh I have not seen what makes an eye pencil self sharpening unless there was a sharpener under the cap like the Maybelline red eyeliner/eyebrow pencil which is obvious to all as to what it is and where the sharpener is. Lord knows that all the other pencils are just, well, pencils.

Today, I am coming down off the mountain and spreading the word. I have a Revlon ColorStay pencil which I was using this morning and for some odd reason I pulled on the very butt end of the pencil, whereupon the end of it came off and I found the tiniest little itty bitty pencil sharpener! It was just to point the very tip of the crayon like end of the pencil. I feel like I have discovered a secret world, a place where few have blundered into. It exists! It is there! Eeeeek!

Now I will have to try to repeat the experiment with other pencils in my possession.

It is a teeny weeny brave little new world out there, and I have solved this mystery at least with one brand.

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