Do you realize that there are jolly few days left in 2010? Sure seems like this year nipped along furiously, doesn’t it? I bet you are secretly coming up with your 2011 resolutions, and one of those is going to the gym more frequently and working out. Great! That is a great topic for January, a great topic for Possets to pursue.

I am preparing an informational set called Facts about Funk. What makes up the “work out” smell, where does it come from and what can you do about it? Tune into Possets and find out. There will be a short video, a podcast, and an in-depth blog about what makes up that stinky smell and how you can avoid it. So, after going through the Possets’ informational blast about bad smells, you can smell good and be confident as you work out and become super-fit. You have to know your enemy.

When you go whirling by in Zumba! class you want to leave a trail of something fine not funky in your wake. That is why I will be debuting Fitness Fragrances! Trust me, they will find a good home in your gym bag and on your dressing table. And I have a bunch of tips on staying fresh and odor free, too. So, tune in.

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