NewbiesFor The "Newbie"~

When you first look at Possets, we have some customs which might be odd to you. Please let me explain how it all works.

I bring out 5 "seasonal collection" a year: Valentines Day (aka Deep Winter), Spring, Summer, Halloween (Autumn), and Yule (aka First Winter). If there is a holiday involved, the name changes after the holiday to something descriptive in order to keep the concept fresh. 

I put out about 30 perfumes for each season! They are a stunning cross section of different "types" of perfume: orientals, "foody/gourmandy", chypres, florals, musks, and more. The collections are inspired by a variety of concepts and always have an artistic presentation. All of the seasonals are available in all of my sizes except sample sizes. 

The seasonals stay up for about 6-8 weeks, During the last half of their stay, I announce a vote and you can vote for 3 of the blends to become permanent. I stop the vote, announce the winners and  that there are two weeks left to buy them. At the end of two weeks the collection comes down and a new one goes up. Samples of the previous collection are available about 6 weeks after the previous collection comes down. 

On random occasions, we have a Retour which is when I make EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER PRODUCED AVAILABLE TO BUY FOR A TWO WEEK PERIOD. Retours have happened twice in one year, and as far apart as over two years. They are VERY popular.

I make a very special blend called Cambienne. I start with a base perfume which mirrors the season of winter, it is usually a cold aquatic blend which can key off earth, water, stone, air, or even fire. It is a limited production and when the Master Flask is drawn down to a certain level, I take the perfume off the market and add ingredients to it building on the base to change it as the year progresses. Cambiennes usually go through a cold phase, green phase, floral phase, hot/humid, autumnal, and slide into an extremely dark and glorious oriental winter blend. The perfume goes from sharp and crystalline to smooth and resinous. Somehow, there is always the hint of the beginning which makes Cambienne so intriguing. 

I usually announce new things in the forum first, so it is a good idea to sign up for that and enjoy the company. Also, make sure you get on the mailing list, that way nothing will get past you. 

I pride myself in very fast turn around time. Many independent perfumers make you wait 6-8+ weeks for your perfume, I suppose that is to make you value it more and be perceived as more important. Poppycock! It is already made and Possets thinks that you are important and should have your perfumes as soon as possible to enjoy, like every other normal retailer.

I go through a lot of trouble to give the site an art historical feel and give you the most highly amusing experience for shopping. Please visit the forum and meet the other fans, sign up for the newsletter and that way be sure not to miss any special events. If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us form at the top of this site and ask me. I will personally respond to you. 

I hope you have a great time here, and that you love every drop of your Possets!