Image for Smirk perfumeA brand new chapter of Possets serialized novelette, Dark Matter, has appeared. This time, Jenny Kenwood Walker, that faithless golddigger of a wife of Stewart’s, will have to defend herself against Stewart’s accusations of adultery! She has been a little bit reckless and now Stewart is looking to rid himself of her and marry his true love, Isabella Bandfield.

BUT, Jenny Kenwood is not a woman to be flicked off lightly, no, she has a sly native intelligence which might just carry the day and make Stewart’s nuptials a mere dream. A lot can and will happen between Jenny getting the summons and the courtroom drama in Chapter 15 of Dark Matter! See for yourself on Possets’ website.

In addition, the new perfume, Smirk, is part of this chapter. A lively quirky unisex blend, it is bound to be a hit with its pipe dottle, sweet smoke and candy elements. Great fun to smirk along with the characters and their own elements, too.

So, catch all of the action on Possets’ website. Lots of fun and good amusing reading.

Oh and the image on this post is from Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and it is of the Moulon Rouge Dancer, La Goulue

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