spicyI decided to ask a local photographer if he would “do” my line. His name is John Engleman and he is a professional product photographer. In Cincinnati, that means you do ace work…remember this is where Procter and Gamble is headquartered and you have the stiffest competition anywhere as to what “good” is. I got very lucky and found him and he is doing a whole line of looks for me. I love this one. It is fabulous at full res, and I made it smaller to save your bandwidth but I think you still get the flavor of how he really chose excellent colors, the snappiness of the image itself, the composition, and use of the reflection. Wow, hats off to John. Just thought you would like to see a preview. These are going to be complimenting my website at www.possets.com and the Etsy site I will be opening soon.

In the meantime, take a trip over to Possets Perfume which is celebrating the last few days of the Summer of Elegance Collection which boasts glorious florals, light resins, and that surprisingly popular beauty which captured a lot of hearts, Seascapes; one of my best aquatics. www.possets.com is the address, or click this paragraph.


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