The staff of Aeslepius, not Mercury but close enough.Well, we are on the last day of Mercury in Retrograde, and oh what a happy time that has been. I have encountered a problem on my website which caused much mischief. It did not shut things down or interfere with the daily business of the site, but it is bother. Then we had to think up something to countermand it. WE did but that took time. One thing after another chewing up the clock.

Addresses were wrong in PayPal, minds were changed, ship to addresses were amended, questions were asked about everything from “what fragrance do you think I would like?” to very very specific questions which took a lot of time and energy to sort out.

That’s Mercury in Retrograde for you. One day I am going to find a talisman to counteract the curse of Mercury and when I do I will never leave it home, trust me.

But I am so looking forward to tomorrow when Mercury will be moving in his proper path and everything will be back to normal. I hope.

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