Well...At Possets we were determined to make a perfume collection based on the glorious island of Sicily. That is a pretty big ambition. Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean and has so much to choose from. I decided to go with the lush notes I remembered there.

Oranges and Lemons-The citrus fruit of Sicily is justifiably famous. It is truly the most fragrant and suave of all the citrus I have encountered. I was lucky enough to get there at the end of the blood orange season, too! Blood oranges look just like regular small oranges until you cut them open, the interior is burgundy red and the taste is unequaled anywhere. Once I ordered orange juice and got a glass of what looked like tomato juice. Then I tasted it and realized I was one of the luckiest of breakfasters! Fortunes have been made and lost on citrus. The Arabs conquered Sicily and brought the orange groves and lemon blossoms which gave the island its most famous crop, and the poll position as citrus grower for the entire of Europe. The orange and lemon essential oils used in the Sicilian Collection at Possets are either of Italian origin or pure blood orange. They are lovely top notes, and with a bit of magic can be made to stick around and mellow into the rest of a perfume.

Bergamot-A sort of big thick skinned citrus fruit, you are more familiar with it as the defining scent in Earl Grey tea. A middle note of great character, I always think of it as the soul of sophistication.

Myrtle-All around ancient ruins you can smell myrtle pouring out its essence to the sun. I could not find much of it about, and I have always thought that it was a very strong and volatile aromatic, but without the hostility of turpentine. A small amount has the power to transform a mundane perfume into a head turning scent of a strong and very sexy perfume. It was one of the herbs associated with Venus.

Rosemary and Sage-Two exceptionally Italian herbs which can make up a whole entrancing new character when lightly added to dishes or perfume. Again these herbs grow wild around the undisturbed spots and are part of the memories you will take away with you. They found their way into quite a few of my blends this time and handily conveyed the idea of Sicily. Clary Sage was also part of this herby mix and added a warmth and snugness which you can’t quite get with the oils of the other two.

This blog is brought to you by Possets Perfume which is featuring The Sicilian Summer 2014 Collection now. The Sicilian Summer Collection is loaded with glorious fragrances perfect for the heat and redolent with the rich beauty of the Mediterranean.


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