NikeI have been maintaining my weightloss for 11 months now and here are some of the ways I have done that.

First, don’t eat between meals. Yes, you get hungry. What do you do, get busy with something else. Trust me, you can put off snacking until you forget and then it’s time for lunch.

Second, go easy on the soft drinks and on the alcohol. We all have been warned about alcohol being high in calories. Beer is particularly notorious, but so are the mixed drinks with sugar in them. But, don’t think that because something is soft that it’s OK to chug down. If it has sugar in it, it’s not OK in unlimited quantities. I try to confine my mid day beverages to soda water or water. This is really a good and prudent thing to do.

Third, take a real good look at the menu. We had to go to Bob Evans as part of a family ritual and that is one place where the calories are just piling up as you look at them. There is one offering which is called the “Itty Bitty Trio of Sandwiches” Three tiny sandwiches, how cute. 1,134 CALORIES!!! Wow, that’s almost as much as I can have all day long to maintain my weight. My eye went down that menu. 500, 600, 700, 800, + Wow, just WOW! So much syrup, so many carbs, so much grease. There are, however, a few good options for puritans like me. A spinach salad with Craisins and low cal dressing was in the ball park at 389 calories for that serving. It even had several pieces of boiled chicken breast for protein and satisfaction on top. OK, I was urged to get the Belgian Waffle with an acceptable calorie level to it, but the salad had everything I wanted and looked and was great. That kept me going to dinner.

Fourth, you can have desert, just don’t have the MAMMOTH PORTION. I got a small slice of Key Lime Pie and lived to tell the tale. It was sane and I got to choose it before it was brought to me. My dinner partner got hot fudge sundae when they ordered cherries jubilee. They ate it. All of it. Oh dear. The pertains to fast food. I got a kid’s meal and ate it all. I was satisfied but didn’t gain weight.

When I got home, I stepped on the scales the next morning and actually was down about a pound! So, you can travel and can have fun and treats without putting on another dress size.

I think the big trick is not to make eating the central locus of all that is going on around you. Easier said than done, we live in a society where eating is to be alive and everyone is vying to feed you (for love and money). Once you decide that eating isn’t the most important thing you are doing, your life is also much more enjoyable.

So, good luck on the road this summer. Just don’t obsess about eating, choose protein rich low calorie menu items, try eating off the kid’s menu when on the road, don’t eat between meals and you will be able to maintain your hard won weight loss.

Weight loss is your investment, you worked hard to get there and if you go back to business as usual, you are going to be right back to where you were when you started.

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