OK, you are now dedicated to the proposition to straighten up and fly right…you are going to work out and keep at it. It is going to become part of life and you are not going to feel complete until you work out every day.

Good! But you really need to sit down and decide what kind of exercise suits you. There are a lot of different sorts of exercises, and each one takes a certain type of personality to do them faithfully and become devoted to them. Out of my experience, here is my observation for some of the more popular ones. Think of this as a “personality test” or a “horoscope” and try to match yourself up with the exercise. Who knows, it might even be right!

Running: You are methodical and don’t mind a certain amount of solitude. Actually, you like to be alone with your thoughts and running sustains you in that. Monotony doesn’t bother you and the steady rhythmic way you feel as you jog along is more comforting than it is a form of exertion.

Bicycling: You are all about passion! Pedal to the metal and full speed ahead. There is nothing you like better than a challenge, and woe betide the person or object which stands in your way of total world domination. No mountain is too high, and cars just best get out of your way.

Weight Lifting: To you weight lifting is just another form of meditation. Boosting some iron over your head makes you feel very light and happy inside. Don’t laugh, chum, light hearts lift heavy weights. You also like the way your arms look when you are though. Win-win here.

Yoga: The physical is the spiritual with yoga lovers, actually it’s just the flip side of spiritual. You like to be in touch with your body, too but in a slower and more concentrated fashion. It feels good to follow the principles of ancient wisdom and to be part of a group. Namaste!

Zumba!: You are pretty tribal and would feel at home in a big old group dance. Something about a lot of people moving in unison fast turns you on. You also love to get sweaty and think it cleans out your pores. Burning up masses of calories is another form of meditation to you.

Treadmill: You were a hermit in a former life. That’s not a bad thing, you just don’t like to share everything, like the intimacies of your workout. That’s private time for you and the treadmill isn’t a group fitness moment. You also like to set your own compass and are fiercely independent.

All of the above are personal observations and meant in good fun. But there is a bit of truth in each of them and I have tried each of them and those were my opinions of what part of my personality were called out when I practiced different forms of physical fitness. See where you fit in, or write your own “workout horoscope”.

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