20120324-145923.jpg…About our “hometown” of Cincinnati. There is a boatload of stuff I didn’t know, and a boatload I did. So, I used to think anyone would be nuts to want to visit here, now I know that anyone who didn’t want to put Cincinnati on their list of places to visit is nuts.

I used to take this for granted. Things have changed considerably. When I moved Possets from the Pendleton to East End, that was a great idea…we have gone from “East End? Who wants to go there?” to “Oh, yea, that is the home of Blank Slate Brewery.”

Such vitality in small cities like this, and you can still get from one end to the other in less than an hour!

Here is a great set of examples of where to go here: check it out and have fun!

Oh, and the voting is over at Possets. Zombie, Min-Min, and Ouija are the winners. The others stay around for 2 more weeks, so catch them now! No overlap. See for yourself.

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