I have suffered with chapped lips ever since I was born! They are dry and all I could do was put more grease on them and that was that. Recently, they had really gone into high gear, even my best lip pomades could not keep up with the dry flaky tight consequences of winter. I gave up and thought to look up “lip scrubs” because some people swear by them. I found a recipe for a home made lip scrub which looked pretty benign and so I made it up. I tried it out and am very pleased with it so far. I think it will keep naturally and it is real inexpensive. Here it is:

1 part honey
1 part granulated sugar
1 part olive oil

Mix them all together (they won’t blend perfectly but that’s OK). Take a glob on your finger and scrub your lips with it. Leave it on for 1 minute and rinse off. Your lips feel a lot less tight, much more supple, and smoother. Really, after a lifetime of fighting the dreaded chapped winter mouth, this has saved my sanity. Try it!

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