The Goddess of Geometry

Seshat, The Goddess of Geometry

The theme for our spring line is Sacred Geometry and in honor of that and in response to a couple of requests about how to find out more about this fascinating subject, I have decided to give you a book list of good sources to help you find out more and do so painlessly.

1) Lundy, Miranda. Sacred Geometry. A short, illustrated, and concise explanation of Sacred Geometry with examples which you can copy. Wooden Books (Walker & Company), 2001.
2) Olsen, Scott. The Golden Section:Nature’s Greatest Secret. Delving deeper into the exciting concept of the Golden Section, see where it occurs naturally and be astounded at how universal it is.  Wooden Books (Walker & Company) , 2006.

3) Sutton, Daud. Islamic Design: A Genius For Geometry. A remarkably beautiful concept which overtook the idea of portraying the world with Western Naturalism, truly inspiring and glorious. Wooden Books (Walker & Company) , 2007.

4) Kemp, Martin. The Science of Art. Highly detailed explanation of how geometric principles fit into art and composition. Great works are examined and perspective is explained beautifully. Lots of elegant images and impressive Latin observations. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1990.

5) Bouleau, Charles. The Painter’s Secret Geometry. My favorite book on the subject. Out of print but it explains a remarkable array of paintings, guild marks incorporated into paintings and more. New York: Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1963.

Those are enough to keep anyone busy and I would recommend your starting at #1 and working down. I love The Painter’s Secret Geometry best of all but it is out of print and very expensive to find a copy. If you can read it in your library, it is well worth the investment of time.

This introduction to Sacred Geometry was brought to you by Possets Perfume which is having a spring collection devoted to that subject. Come and see such varied offerings as Pi and Golden Section, and 3:5:8! Glorious grapefruit, sensuous sandalwood, lush greenery and Possets’ way of weaving in resins in the nicest way. Go to Possets and see for yourself.

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